Fine Art Photography for Charity

PhotoDecor is about helping up and coming photographers grow by getting exposure. Along with this, we are giving back to the world by giving 25% of all sales to a charity or non-profit organization of the buyer’s choice.

All photographs are original creation offered in limited editions. Each print is supplied with a certificated of authenticity signed and number by the photographer. Photos are printed with archival inks on an assortment of acid free papers to assure you of the longevity… 100 years plus. We match the photos with the type of paper that will enhance the appearance of the photograph. The basic types of photo paper we use are: semi-gloss or luster, metallic and matt.

When it comes to size, we offer the three most popular sizes: 11x14, 16x20 and 20x24 framed. However, we can make prints to fit your requirement – up to four feet by eight feet. Note, some cropping may occur with these enlargements.

We also offer metal print in the most popular sizes. Metal prints can be made up to 40”x 60”… contact us for a quote. Simply give us the size that you require.

Best of all, when you purchase a photo you get a gift that will last forever while supporting the charity of your choice. The donation is made in your name. This way you get the write-off and are assured that the donation was made.


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