At Fine Art for Charity we strongly believe in giving back. When you purchase a photography from us – thirty percent (30%) of the cost is donated to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice. The donation is sent by a check in your name… this way you get the benefit / write-off of the donation and it assures you that the money was actually sent to the organization.
You can help your organization to raise money by creating a link from your organization’s website to us. This way you let people know that we are partnering with your organization and give thirty percent of any member’s purchase back to the organization.
If you wish to add a link to your organization's website, simply copy and paste this copy:Support our organization by going to  to see a beautiful collection of photos for home and office. will donate 30% of your purchase to our organization in your name. You get the tax deduction and we get the benefit of your purchase.
We have a large gallery located in East Norwich (Mutton Town area), Long Island, NY where we will host a fund raiser event for your organization to raise money. Our venue can accomidated up to 300 people.