Cesar Rivera

Cesar Rivera is a Visual Artist who has had a passion for the Arts since he was ten years old. His amazing self-portrait portfolio started from this very young age.

He studied in the fields of Graphic Design, fine arts and advertising. Cesar is skilled in painting, writing, photography and classic art.

His experience started in a dark room. Inspired by the famous artist Jerry Uelsmann, Cesar became one of the most experienced fine artists in the country. His amazing Creativity in the Dark room expanded his creations in Photoshop as well.

Cesar has also been a Professional Photographer since 1996. Working for Jovon Photography for the past twenty years, Cesar has been known for being one of the best Photojournalist photographers in the Industry.  He has photographed many countries and cities around the world. You can see his Passion through his photograph's from various locations like The Amazon, located in his native country Columbia, South America. 

His classic unique style and technique along with his talented idea's has now taken him in joining Jovon in this Journey of Art.

Cesar's photos are only available in 20" x 24" with frames

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