Abe Zelkin

With a career in telecommunications that spans almost four decades, Abraham (Abe) Zelkin has mastered a variety of disciplines and achieved a number of firsts in the field of communications and technology that have propelled him to industry distinction as an innovative entrepreneur.  His achievements in distance learning initiatives and related software product development, when combined with his proven ability in corporate management, strategic relations and international commerce have produced an enviable and noteworthy track record.

The driving force behind Mr. Zelkin’s accomplishments is his desire to integrate leading edge technology with graphic user interfaces that promote human interaction.  To this end, he founded Optel Communications where he developed and marketed PC-based imaging and telecommunications software for distance learning, telemedicine and quality assurance applications.  Some of his significant achievements include designing the first PC-based distance learning system in America for which he was named Man of The Year by the industry publication, Telespan.

He is currently an advisor to the trade association (IMCCA) representing the unified collaborative conferencing industry and is a frequent speaker at seminars and trade shows for the conferencing industry where his background in product development and business management have qualified him as an expert in the field.

Mr. Zelkin holds a BSEE degree from the Polytechnic Institute of New York (formerly known as Brooklyn Polytechnic).  He and his wife Carol, reside on Long Island, NY.

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